Friday, January 29, 2016

Shoot N' Skedaddle V2 : Playtest

So I convinced a couple of friends to drive South and take a swing at Shoot N' Skedaddle this week.  I was looking for additional play-testing for the revised edition of this game I'm looking to produce shortly.

We decided to play a three-way gunfight, with no particular scenario rules.  Each player drew up six characters and their equipment.  We placed three characters on two roads (six roads on the table edge).

While turn one was predominantly moving, turns two and three became a bloody spectacle.

The town as it was laid out...

Audrey's Outlaws creep into town...
Audrey's Outlaws waiting for John's Lawmen to show up.
John's Lawmen anxiously approach Audrey's Outlaws
John's Drifter puts a slug into one of Oscar's Rangers.
At the close of the second turn, three gunfights had erupted in separate areas on the board.
John's Priest fires at point blank into Oscar's Prizefighter - while Audrey's Pony Express Rider gallops around.
Moments later the Priest is dead...the Prizefighter stuck a knife in his neck.
John's Sheriff shows up with a vengeance, gunning down the Prize Fighter.
Nearby, the Drifter had slain the Texas Ranger and stolen his horse...a nearby Caballero ran up, firing wildly with his sixguns...accomplishing nothing.
On the far side of the board Audrey's Outlaws go gunning for Oscar's crooked Lawmen.
Audrey's Outlaws get properly stuck in with John's Lawmen, blood being shed on both sides as the Thief breaks his disguise.
Oscar's Cowboy had galloped off the table to bring back help...upon returning he found his previous friend, the Shootist had turned traitor and joined Audrey's Outlaws.  Hurling a stick of dynamite he shocked both of the baddies - failing to kill either!
The traitorous Shootist shows his true colours, systematically gunning down the Cowboy and the Sidekick he'd brought to aid their cause...
Across the board, in a flurry of commotion John's Crazy went on a killing spree, gunning down all three of Audrey's Outlaws in a spectacular effort.  Behind him a trail of bodies.
All in all and absolutely wonderful game, with a lot of brilliant and terrible dice rolls and a huge amount of bloodshed.  After turn three, we called it - each having three characters remaining on the board.  John's Lawmen were free of wounds, whilst Audrey and I had numerous wounds to we gave the day to John's Lawmen.  If time had permitted more bloodshed would have followed.
Great game, and a great time!


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