Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stompy Reinforcements.

I finished up a couple more old Citytech plastic mechs.  The Orions are dreadful and unfortunately you can't really kit-bash them without a lot of work.  The Victors were easier to change up.  Short of a few LAMs I may steal from my Robotech minis this is probably near the end of the Mechs until new plastics show up (rumored that the next Btech box set is Clans vs. Inner Sphere so that'll be a whole new era/project).

The Ghost Regiment is 42 mechs strong.  The mechs along the bottom don't have mech cards from the second printing, so I'll use first print cards.

The Rhodes Regulars, also 42 mechs strong.  Again mechs missing their cards will get first print cards until I find a new source for printing.

Newly finished mechs - cards will be added to their respective posts shortly.

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