Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Robots new and old!

I've been cleaning off the hobby table (ya know, when you look and have a dozen half-projects sitting in one corner collecting dust...).

The results are a Wyrd Malifaux scarecrow figure done up as an automaton/golem/construct, and a couple of more Battletech figures.

Two Javelin light mechs (older Citytech plastics) and two kit-bashed Wolverines from gashapon figures.  I was going to give one to each side, but I like a bit of difference between the factions so I opted for assigning both to a different side.

A very cool Wyrd Malifaux scarecrow...I removed the crows and didn't bother with the silly pumpkin head.  I opted for blood n' guts instead of straw pouring out.  I figure he may look like a scarecrow but can be used for a heap of other bad stuff.  He's mounted on a 40mm round renedra base.  Really had to have this figure the second I saw it.  It sat neglected on the table for far too long!

Elbowtech Additions:
Additional mech cards have been added to the Light and Medium mech card posts, adding painted versions of both Javelins and Wolverines.

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