Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Eldar Fire Support

I spent the day assembling/painting my first two war-walkers.  I'm not overly thrilled with the results.  First off, I don't much like the kits.  I spent some time trimming the fat to make them more resemble 2nd edition walkers.  I trimmed some fins and protrusions.  I assembled the damn wing-armour wrong and then had no choice but to do them both the same way (already glued one wrong!).

I dipped the driver and tried dipping the white parts which worked horribly.  Stripped and repainted them and then left the driver (who now clashes a bit with the non-dipped stuff).  I may go and try to touch up the driver with some white paint.

I dislike the looks of this new war walker more than I thought but now that I have them painted and built I'll run them.  The only thing I'd dislike more...is working with multi-part metal kits (such as the old war walker).  If I get around to re-doing my war walkers I'll sell these off on ebay.

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