Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Games! Warhammer 40K, 2nd Edition.

I got together with a friend tonight and she kindly dragged out some terrain from a box and we set about play-testing 2nd edition 40K.  We'd decided on some rules changes to remove some of the clunk, but keep the feel of the game.

We made some progress but will need some more games to really dial it in.  All in all, a really good time despite being absolutely obliterated by her Chaos.  For those wondering, Chaos terminators still suck ass, 20 years later!

Late in the game with his entire host dispatched the Farseer runs for the Predator.  He ate two lascannons to the face and died instantly.

Pile on the glorious dead!

Scouty McScoutface.  The sole survivor from a slaughter of his squad.  He hid, recovered, survived several turns of shooting and finally shot across the table and killed a single marine before the terminators (all but ignoring him) finally slew him.

I forgot to take a pic of the table before I was nearly...tabled.

Another rescue arrived in the mail today from ebay.  I look forward to eventually starting some Exarchs!

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