Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rescue Four: Scorpions and a Farseer

Originally I had planned to acquire enough miniatures to produce a full squad of each aspect, normally 3-7 models in 2nd Edition.  In some cases by picking up random auctions with various models I've acquired more, such as with my Striking Scorpions.

I painted up another six, allowing me to field two smaller squads if needed.  The bits of scorpions can be seen in previous posts.  I also painted up a Farseer so I at least have an HQ to field.

Both squads of Scorpions together. 

The new squad of Scorpions.  Originally I considered an alternate paint scheme, but I wanted to be able to field squads of seven when needed (so with two squads of six, I'd need a crossover miniature).  I opted for one big squad paint-scheme.

The figure I originally used for my Farseer back in high school in the mid-90's.  Not the actual mini of course, but the sculpt.  Always loved the goofy look and the fact that it's one of the most under-stated models in the game, considering how strong a Farseer is in the game.  Nothing to give away the "shoot me first!" vibe.

As luck would have it, the Farseer is my 100th figure painted this year.  Making steady progress, and will easily out-do the 112 miniatures from 2014.  Sadly I did sell off my Space Marines so my "usable" number is a bit less.

Late EDIT:  Some more Dark Reapers showed up in the mail.  While I wasn't planning on using more than one squad (Reapers tend to be very points heavy, regardless of the era) these guys were a good deal.  One is missing his launcher so I might even try an exarch conversion to a Shuriken cannon model or something similar.

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