Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rescue Six: Support Weapons + New Arrivals

I finished up two support weapons, a lascannon (brightlance) and a distort cannon on grav platforms.  I was originally going to attempt to skip the old metal grav platforms (HATE metal-on-metal models...) but I couldn't locate any of the new plastics for reasonable costs.

I also don't much care for the sunglasses w/ mohawk fella but they're painted, done, and will carry on!

The "before" picture is in a previous post.  I used plastic weapons on these (plastic glues better to the metal shield).  The distort cannon barrel was attached to a plastic missile launcher body to make sure it was lower weight and easier to glue.

In addition, I finally received some Warp Spider auctions from ebay...and I didn't have to pay $60+ for the damned things!

Warp Spiders are hard to get ahold of because they're particularly powerful right now in 7th edition from what I understand and the finecast models are crap (lots of bubbles, disfigured feets, etc.)

Unfortunately two of the figures have been fitted with metal bases and weapons grade epoxy which required me to carefully clip the miniatures off the base --- skewing the feet slightly.  I'll see if I can save them.  I believe I'll mount these guys on 30mm bases instead of 25's since they're always a little tough to keep standing if you don't base them well.

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