Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ride in Style: Wave Serpents

After settling in a bit from my recent move I decided to knock out the two Wave Serpent kits I'd ordered.  The kits themselves weren't too bad - some flash, some poorly aligned parts, and far too many parts for a simple transport!

Modified the turrets so that they're captive but still rotate (they're provided with simple pegs instead of the captive turret like a Falcon - a cheap design decision).  Also ignored the comically incompetent single flight stand for a method I used 10-15 years ago.  I drill out three holes in the bottom of the Wave Serpent and use sanded down flight pegs to fit/glue into them.

This gives the Wave Serpent a tripod for hovering above the tabletop.  It's stronger, stabler, and more useful on crazy terrain than the silly single weak post provided with the model.

I went with fixed weapons and opted for a Shuriken Cannon on each, with twin lascannons on one and twin missile launchers on the other.  This gives me decent anti-infantry capability (left more to the infantry inside!) and enough firepower for them to act as light tanks, something Wave Serpents have always excelled at.

Sadly they're quite expensive but I have some options now.  I'll back these up with one or two Falcons in the future (maaaaybe a Fire Prism).

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