Saturday, June 11, 2016

Assemble the masses! (oh, and zombies!)

I managed to knock out another 18(!) guardians.  I originally had planned for maybe three squads of seven or eight guardians apiece.  After sorting out my ebay auctions, some Eldar passed to me by my friend, and bits and bobs I realized I have enough components for four full ten-man squads.

I decided to go for it.  I may never use all four, but it'd be fun to do a huge game with heaps of Eldar guardians (and it fits many Eldar narratives).

I used the eight lasgun guardians I ended up with to make special weapon fellas for each squad.  Four were turned into flamers (above)

Four were turned into meltaguns.  The weapons have intentionally been painted different colours and given some highlight colours to help other players pick them out on the table-top.

The assembled new squad(s). 

The last eight guardians I have to paint are (luckily) my squad leaders, sergeants etc.  They're mostly different interesting sculpts.  Twenty four of my basic guardians consist of a whopping two poses!  It got rather tiresome painting these guys.  If it were anything other than my Eldar army I would have let them sit for years before attempting to complete a bunch of figures.
I paint quickly, but I've never ever enjoyed painting large numbers of similar troops - particularly not when the poses are limited/static.

Stay tuned for more Eldar!

PS: I did receive a treat in the mail yesterday (well, I had to drive two hours to a distant post-office to pick it up after they refused to change the mailing address when I moved!):  Black Plague from absolutely fantastic game.  And boy was the box big!

(insert rather large shit-eating grin)

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