Thursday, June 23, 2016

Save the Craftworld: Episode 6 (oh, and zombies!)

While I have obtained the majority of the metal figures I will need for my current planned force, I've been keeping an eye out on ebay for random lots of metals.  Here is a small grab of some guardians from last week.

While I'm done with my proper guardians, the idea has been stirring in the back of my mind to do a small pirate force (maaaaaybe even Exodites) to go with the Craftworld forces.  As such a smattering or random metals and some Dark Reaper bits (maybe some bikes etc.) will serve as the beginnings of a pirate force at some point.

GAMES: Zombicide Black Plague

While I haven't gotten into much proper wargaming lately, I have managed to get a small campaign of Zombicide: Black Plague started with my brother.  We played the demo game, and then started over, each picking characters and we've played through two quests so far.

The joys of rolling over 20 zombies in a single space...Red mode is hard!

"Campaign mode!  There is no such thing!  Blasphemy!" I hear you cry out.  Truth.  You speaks it.
We've developed a very simple campaign method.  I've explained it below:

-Choose a starting set of characters, as normal.

-Begin Quest 01 (the goal being to play through all ten quests and then move into the Wolfsburg Expansion and eventually complete the entire run of quests).

-At the end of a game, characters who are deceased are replaced by newly chosen characters (starting at 0 experience).  Surviving characters keep their equipment and may pay two pieces of equipment to heal each wound they have suffered at the end of the game.  So if your character ends the game with one wound, he can pay two pieces of equipment to heal this wound.  This helps prevent comical levels of equipment build-up.

-Take a picture or note of your characters...when you begin the next game, reduce experience tickers to the start of their current colour band.  So, if a character is five points into yellow, he resets his experience ticker to the first point in yellow.  The game begins at the highest experience level just like a normal game of Zombicide.  As such, you'll be into red-band quite quickly.

-Use the "ultra-red" mode from Wolfsburg.  This means that players can cycle through the experience band multiple times, eventually picking up the spare skills un-used on the previous cycle.

-If the entire party is eliminated or wiped out, start over and you luckily get to start at 0 experience.  We've decided that if we somehow lose all of the characters in my box, we lose the campaign (unlikely as I must have 40+ heroes!).

Thus far we lost one character in the first game, and one character in the second game.  We have some beastly characters built up already, but red zone is atrocious for zombies (as witnessed in the photo above!).  And we haven't even gotten to Wolfsburg.  I'll be adding the alternate abominations to the deck at some point.  Note: I don't own the Murder of Crowz or zombie archers expansions so that'll help us.

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