Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kickstarter: Miniature Wargaming (and some metal!)

I stumbled upon this and it looks quite interesting.  It's a film about the hobby, surrounding the origins of miniature gaming and its current status.  I'll probably buy into this for a digital copy, but it looks pretty slick.  Production values look pretty good.

I've hit a bit of a speed bump as I've painted so quickly I've run out of bases...primer...and some paints.  I have a shipment from Neal over the The Warstore on the way (I hope), so I'm assembling, doing some painting where I can and stripping down incoming ebay stuff.
Here is the latest grab, a metal warwalker from 2nd edition.  I've given up on the current plastics that I put together and will be replacing them with metals from 2nd ed.  However I will be using plastic weapons and weapon shields - and possibly the rear vanes if necessary.  I just can't get over the look of the new plastic warwalkers, they're dreadful.

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