Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hobby Haul

I'm piecing together some bits from 2nd edition.  While I'm concentrating on an Eldar army I've decided to gather up a small Imperial Agents style list as I occasionally feel the desire to paint a space marine etc.  Since I wish to use my 2nd edition figures for a variety of space skirmish games as well, I want to diversify the figures I have access too.  An Imperial Agents list will allow me some cool techmarines, random space marines, allied Sisters of Battle etc.

I'll probably kitbash Sisters of Battle from Eisenkern bodies + Statuesque Miniatures heads etc.  This is not at all a priority and is more of a "when I feel like it" force.  Not a large army either.  Transport vehicles will probably be third party, etc.

 Snagged a beautiful mint condition Sisters of Battle Codex (I'm only missing the Space Wolves and Imperial Assassins currently)

One of my favourite older figures the Terminator Chaplain.  Will likely paint him up as some kind of Inquisition figure/character or a Space Marine Chaplain on loan.  The Imperial Agents kind of idea lets you really go a little nuts with the figures etc.

Yet another Eldar War Walker which is already being stripped/filed down.

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