Friday, June 17, 2016

The Guardian Host

Finally finished up the eight leaders for my guardian squads.  I suppose I should think up a name for my craftworld at some point.  These eight are the last of forty guardians I've assembled.  I doubt I'll ever use all four squads but I wanted to cover guardians for certain scenarios, or to allow me to play an Ulthwe-styled army for certain games.

The dip went a littly wonky on me and I'm not overly chuffed with the results (don't really like any of the guardians since dip sucks on white models) but they're done and now I can move onto smaller units of sillier stuff.  I'm immensely pleased to be done with the bulk of the force - the "boring" stuff as it were.  I figure it's best to get these fellas out of the way.

These four represent the squad leaders.  They represent the "corporal" element.  If I wish to run smaller guardian squads these will lead the remaining elements.  Likewise if I wish the leader to run with a rifle instead of a sword/pistol I can use these figures.

These four figures represent the proper "leaders" of the guardians.  They'll lead a squad of ten each.  Mixed weapons.

The combined leaders and squad leaders.

The Guardian Host assembled and ready for war.  Each squad consists of six guardians with shuriken catapults, two special weapons (flamers, meltaguns or a mix) a squad leader with a shuriken catapult, and a leader with close combat weapons.

Start Collecting: Eldar

When I started building a 2nd edition Eldar army it was around the same time that the "Start Collecting" boxes game out from GW.  Now, no one has ever accused GW of having good sales or phenomenal "value for money", but the Start Collecting boxes are close.  I was a little surprised there was no Eldar box and so I went about my business.
News just popped up that there is finally a box for Eldar.  At first I thought "well, it'll be guardians, warwalkers etc....stuff I don't need".  I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong!  The box consists of a Farseer/Warlock on Jetbike, three of the new Jetbikes, and a Fire Prism.  Oddly it fit perfectly into my force and will not be redundant.  I pre-ordered one for a hefty discount ($64 including shipping!) and should receive it in a few weeks when they release.

I may (may!) eventually get a second one - the only issue stopping me is the Fire Prism.  I may try to source a Falcon turret for bits, but I don't think I'll be running two Fire Prisms (maybe a Deathspinner instead?).  Anyway, it's on the way!

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